We pride ourselves on our extensive list of service offerings, many of which are free:

No-fee design

Considering AirFRAME, or another SLD product, for a project? We'll lay the room out for you, for free.

BIM modeling

REVIT modeling is available by request with purchase of an AirFRAME system.

Standard one-year warranty

Rest assured, parts and equipment are covered for a year after installation. Longer-term warranties are available with purchase of a maintenance contract.

CFD modeling

Computational fluid dynamic modeling is available for purchase, upon request.

Installation supervision

Hire a factory representative to supervise an installation. Pricing available upon request.

Structural design

A seismic structural package is included with purchase of an AirFRAME system. Anchorage design services available for purchase upon request.

Lighting calculations

A lighting calculations package is available by request with purchase of any SLD product.

OEM coordination

Pick your equipment vendors of choice, and SLD will meet each equipment vendor's specification for utility connections, mount placement, clash avoidance, and more.

Project management

SLD has you covered for the successful execution of your projects. Factory PMs are assigned to each project to support the project team and offer guidance.

Questions? Contact us.