Air handling units for healthcare

A simple solution to a complex problem

While most hospitals in the United States still utilize a single, massive air handling unit to serve 6-8 operating rooms at a time, the AirTUNNEL system simplifies control via utilization of a single unit per room.

Smaller air handlers mean easier, quicker maintenance of units, more affordable redundancy designs, less labor-intensive installations, and the elimination of complex supply-side VAV controls. Smaller air handling units run more efficiently than their larger counterparts, and are significantly more responsive.

An air handler that responds quickly - and is Designed 4 Zero

Traditional air handling configurations are inefficient and sluggish, as requested changes to the supply have to be routed through complex VAV box control schemes. However, the direct connection of an AirTUNNEL unit to a single operating room means that the AirTUNNEL responds extremely quickly. Furthermore, this direct connection design helps to prevent the spread of infection by reducing the airflow shared between a contaminated room and neighboring spaces.



Thermal break

AirTUNNEL units are double-wall with thermal break, and are provided with low-leak construction.


Insulation in cabinet

Outer and inner liners are available in various materials. Units are insulated with injected foam.


Ease of access

Access doors and aluminum checker plate floors are provided in all access sections.


Component flexibility

Coils, filtration, humidification, and other components are customizable.


Easy maintenance

Smaller filter banks mean fast changes that can be performed by a single person. Supply and return fans have sealed bearings. Smaller coils are easy to handle and don't require much space.


Simplified control

The AirTUNNEL removes the need for supply-side VAV boxes. This means that no VAV control modules, damper actuators, or reheat coils are necessary, nor are the water piping or the associated wiring for each VAV box.



Control your system with voice activation or touch from within the room.



Maintain the perfect relative humidity for comfort and contaminant control.



Redundancy built into the system. If any component fails in any of the AHU tunnels, the system automatically reroutes air to the impacted tunnel.

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